So tasty, so versatile. Our "just right" strawberry is not too sweet. Best served frozen, you can add any liquor to make this an adult beverage.  


Mai Tai

Hala - Kahiki is the way you say Delicious! Our blend of pineapple and orange juices are perfectly matched with your favorite dark rum

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Pina Colada

Go Coconuts! Smooth, creamy pina colada is best friends with a light rum. Jazz it up with an orange slice and a cherry or layer frozen strawberry with frozen pina colada for a Miami Vice.


Nothing says kick off your shoes and relax more than this drink. Served over ice or blended, just add tequila and a lime and call it a day.




Who needs liquor when you have a drink this scrumptious? Blended goodness takes you away to a tropical paradise. Add rum or tequila to take it up a notch.